Dr. Nicholas La Bianca was born in Giovinazzo, (Bari), Italy in 1930, and during his early life had to live under the Fascist regime and witness depravation, death, and destruction brought by WWII.

He received the best classical education available in that country and after the war moved to the United States.

He joined the US Air Force during the Korean Was and after being discharged he obtained a BA from the University of Illinois (1957).

Moved to New York City and attended night school at CCNY where he obtained an MA in Education (1965).

After three years of teaching in the public schools of New York City and an additional three years teaching overseas for the State Department, he settled in Stony Brook, Long Island where he received a DA from SUNY Stony Brook.

He spent the next 25 years teaching Languages at the Three Village School District on Long Island.

He retired in 1990 and continues to be active in the field of Education.

He has done some linguistic research and written an article on the influence of French, Spanish, and Italian on the English language which was published in the pedagogical issue of Italica, at Indiana University, and is the author of two books; LIFE, its Problems and Some of its Unanswerable Questions and EDUCATION: A View From The Inside.