Its Problems and Some of Its
Unanswerable Questions



Why there is god? – Where did He come from? – Why there is a Universe?  How was it created? – Why god created us? – What is the purpose of our lives? – How we should live it to fulfill our destiny?

CHAPTER I:  History or Religion

Ionian School (6th Century BC) – Tales of Miletus – Water – Pythagoras & its school-math, harmony, music – Socrates – Plato – Aristotle (384-322 BC) Greek & Roman Gods, and finally the one God religion.  The creation of the world, Noah’s Ark, Judgment Day.  Testimonials from people who died.

CHAPTER II:  Who is God?

How did he get there?  Why did he create the World?  What does He expect us to do?  Accident of birth, one religion over another, progress in sciences, cells, and part of God.


The Universe – How was it created – the Big Bang / the Creation
Two hundred billions stars / SIX BILLIONS solar systems / 200 more galaxies / the force behind the laws of nature / return to dust.

CHAPTER IV:  Religion and Its Role

Bible – Infallible – King James – Abortion – Birth Control – Overpopulation / How to deal with different religious practice and traditions / views.  Realization of double nature of man – After life – Rewards and punishments.

CHAPTER V:  The Human Race

Different civilizations - / different levels of intelligence IQ / Over populations and emigration//control of the overpopulation.

CHAPTER VI:  The Individual Human Being

\Life cycle//From birth to death – Accepting oneself – Facing death – guilty feelings - Behavioral choices / luck / faith

OBSERVATION:  What is Happiness?

CHAPTER VII:  Nationality-

- Egyptians Greeks / Romans^& Pax Romana / Napoleon //United \Nations//
Claims settled by law – Insurgency and rebellions

CHAPTER VIII:  Government

Theocracy //Democracy -\Plato / Empire (Romans) –Monarchy // nations & Self preservation – The right to carry guns /Draft – Strikes – Sport & Executive salaries

CHAPTER IX:  Politics

Civil Service // Appointments // Domestic and \international politics //Brief History – WWII – Earmarks – Party vs. Nation – choices for candidates for president and congressmen // age suggestions // ethical issues while in public service retirements and pensions // for its control

CHAPTER X:  Justice

Jury Trials – malpractice // Litigations digging for gold // same sentences for the same crimes // fees for the lawyers

CHAPTER XI:  Education

CHAPTER XII:  Improvements:  Educational – Financial – Civil right to be earned by the children

CHAPTER XIII:  Customs – Traditions – Morality sex prostitution

CHAPTER XIV:  Improvement on Social Services // General health care// \universal credit card // retraining in a military fashion//raising money for charity

CHAPTER XV:  Dealing with Crime and Punishment//retraining and Isolation

CHAPTER XVI:  Realty Check//Religious practices \PadrePio the good role of the \us in the world

Another suitable title for this book could be: "Decoding the Purpose of Life." In order to do this, several steps need to be taken:

1. Identify and set goals for the ideal life on this earth.
2. To do so, we must have peace all over the world.
3. To have peace, we have to eliminate all causes for war.
4. Identify the causes for war: Religion, Pride, and Greed.
5. Analyze the origin of Religion and create a rational and world wide tolerance for all of them.
6. Identify the source of extreme national Pride and eliminate it.
7. Take a close look at Greed that is a very prominent part of human nature, and set rules and regulations to prevent it.

All my life I have been in the field of Education, and even after retirement I have been interested in bringing forth any learning material that could help improve the quality of lfie on this planet. All human beings, no matter where they live, are engaged in some activity, because our biological life requires us to provide for our own subsistence, but the quality of this life changes from person to another according to the knowledge that people have of the world around them. One can very easily divide all humans in three main groups.

One group includes all those people who live at a "vegetative level." They work, eat, and sleep having nothing else matter to them.

The second group operates on the "animal level." In addition to the three main activities mentioned, they are also interested in getting rich, having a good time, or pursue fame and power that would put them above the rest of the people, and make them feel superior and more important than other people.

The third group is more selective in the activites and operates on the "intellectual level" trying to find out what the real purpose of life on this earth, and direct their efforts toward that goal.

The history of our world clearly shows that wars have been the most destructive activities that have held back humankind from making advances in the quality of life ofr everyone on this earth, and detracting us from pursuing the real goals that human being should be trying to reach. If we analyze the reasons why people go to war, we can limit them to three main ones: Religion, Greed, and Pride.

If we take a close look at religion we come up with the fact that all religions are based on faith and it is very difficult to find a rational reason why one should be more important than another. Therefore, the book takes a close look at the history of all religions through the centuries trying to see how and why people join a specific religious sect. The conclusion is that there is only one God, and no religion has a monopoly on how to worship Him, and each person should be free to worship acording to his own faith. The next most important reason is to find out what is the reason for the world to exist, how it camde about to be, and avoid the mistake that one's religion should be imposed by force to another person. The advances that mandkind has made through the centuries, and the disoveries that we have made about our Universe, are a great help, and give us hope that someday we will have better answers to our questions.

Once we have proven that there is no reason to go to war on religious grounds, we can take a look at the wars that are caused by Greed. Unconsciously we all wish to get something for nothing, or with the least possible effort, and many times we try to get more than we deserve. this causes a social imbalance that from an individual level is transmitted to the national and interantional level. That's why many nations take advantage of weaker ones in a political or financial way, and these improper actions cause resentment by the abused people, and most of the times create violent reactions. Only the Romans were able to conquer the whole known world, and avoided wars for several centuries. they did so by bringing the people of the conquered nations to be a part of the roman nation with the same rights and priviledges. It was called the Pax Romana. But this peace failed because the people had no sense of direction and did not fully understand the purpose of life, which ultimately led to their destruction. Through the centuries many attempts were made to repeat the same feat, but no one ever succeeded in doing so.

In order to overcome greed at the national and international level, it is imperative to educate the single individuals in the best possible way on the ethical values of life. Unfortunately even with all our great resources we have failed in the field of Education because the majority of the people running the programs are not competent enough to do so, and the programs ar not equal and sufficient to meet the students' needs. In this book suggestions are provided to improve education on the financial and pedagogical levels in order to create the best possible results.

It is a common knowledge that no matter how we select our public officials, in the administration of public services, many individuals will not be capable to walk the straight line. Because of egotistical interests, which are part of the human nature, it is the responsibility of society to set up systems which will eliminate the temptation for people to take more than they deserve, thsu breaking the equilibrium that is necessary to keep peace among mankind. Also, in the case when people go astray it is necessary to provide a beter method to rehabilitate the criminals and those who fail to follow the required ethical and moral rules. Better social services are necessary to give everybody an acceptable living standard, even in cases where people found themselves in great financial difficulties. It is the responsibility of society to guarantee each individual the necessary food, shelter, and medical attention at all time, but our system does not seem to be very adequate to provide such services, and many times the system is inefficient and also abused by the free loaders.

Finally, we have to take a look at Pride. It can be carried to an extreme, and many times people forget that this world was created without any borders and should be available to everyone to enjoy equally. Many people are willing to leave their own countries to seek better living conditions somewhere else, in order to raise their families with dignity and peace, regardless of the nationality involved. The first responsibility of each man is to have a job that can provide means to raise a family with dignity, and to each mother to have a home in whch to raise her children in peace.

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